Family Tree Origins and Structure
"Esse Quam Videri" - To be rather than to seem to be
The earliest known descendant is John Brockman (1360) and three generations after him the family divides into two distinct lines known as the Beachborough and Whitfield lines.

Beachborough line tended to live around the towns of Folkestone, Newington and Cheriton in Kent and also had some connections to Essex.  This family appear to have had reasonably large farmland holdings and were often referred to as Esquire which usually indicates a title of respect accorded to men of higher social rank. Members of this family line were also awarded and entitled to display armoral bearings and the main estate was Beachborough Park. Notable persons in the English branch of the Beachborough line include Sir William Brockman,  Sir Edward Lewis Brockman, Sir Digby Livingston Drake-Brockman, Sir Henry Vernon Drake-Brockman and Brig-Gen. David Henry Drake-Brockman. Hugh Drake-Brockman and Giles Drake-Brockman who are also part of our research team are English Beachborough line descendants.

The Whitfield family line tended to reside in and around Dover and Portsmouth and from all accounts were Yoeman farmers and they also had a number of family members who had very distinguished careers in the Royal Navy.  A Yoeman farmer is generally someone who is a free man who owns his own land. Some notable persons in the Whitfield line include Vice-Admiral Sir Roland Brockman, his father Engineer Rear-Admiral Henry Stafford Brockman and Commander James Brockman. Patrick Brockman and Dave Dixon are both part of our research team and are descendants in this line. Both have made a significant contribution in developing this family line.

Members of the the English family also emigrated to Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The three
Australian branches emanate from the Beachborough line and settled predominately in Western Australia, however, family are now scattered all over Australia. Notable persons from the three branches include William Locke Brockman, George Julius Brockman, Frederick Slade Drake-Brockman, Sir Thomas Charles Drake-Brockman, Maj-Gen. Edmund Alfred Drake-Brockman, Deborah Vernon Drake-Brockman and Gen. Sir John (Sharn) Hackett. Alan Jackson is another one of our family researchers and he is a member of the 2nd Australian branch.

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