The Research Team & Acknowledgements
This page is dedicated to those individuals and fellow family genealogists who have assisted and continue to provide valuable assistance in ensuring the Brockman and Drake-Brockman family tree data is being continually upgraded.

The first and most important person we should all recognise is Brig.Gen. David Henry Drake-Brockman who did an absolutely fantastic job by producing a very comprehensive book and family tree back in 1936. His book was titled 'Brockman and Drake-Brockman Family Record' and included three family trees; Senior Branch, Junior Branch and the Australian Branch. The Australian Branch was not as comprehensive as the two English branches which is understandable because at that time, all information would have had to be gathered by letters to family members and forwarded from Australia back to England. Subsequently, the purpose of my book on the Australian branch was to add to Brig.Gen. David's work. It goes without saying that without the work undertaken by the Brig.Gen., we would all be struggling to find the information he provided. In spite of the technology we have at our disposal today, much of the information we source has already been captured in his work, however, some exciting additions of previously unknown family lines have also been identified by my esteemed colleagues in the UK. Our team of mad family genealogists (have to be to do what we do) include the following:

Alan Jackson MComm; GradDipEd; BEd - Alan lives in Australia and this website is developed and maintained by him.  In 1993 he published 'The Brockman and Drake-Brockman Family Tree - The Australian Branch'. This took seven years to research and was done at a time when computers were just starting to be used in earnest as a word processing tool so that was a very different environment to what is available today in regards to technology and online information. Countless hours were spent in libraries, graveyards, churches and visiting other obscure places to find information. Consequently, he has been keen to keep finding out more ever since. Alan decided to create this web page as a tool to continue to capture and update information for births, deaths and marriages.  Alan hopes you all appreciate and enjoy the effort he and his fellow family researchers undertake on your behalf to try and make this site as informative, accurate, reliable  and up-to-date as possible.

Hugh Drake-Brockman - commonly known as 'Mad Uncle Hugh'. Hugh lives in the UK and is an avid Brockman researcher who has an enormous knowledge of the family and has a treasure trove of old family goodies stored in his possession. Hugh has been a wonderful and enthusiastic contributor to the family tree and Alan had the pleasure of meeting him in 2006 when they visited Beachborough together for a weekend of exploration.

David Dixon BA (hons) - David lives in the UK and holds a Bachelor of Arts (honours) in Economic & Social History from Canterbury University in Kent. Alan has never actually met David but he was introduced to him online through Hugh. David has been priceless for us with his assistance in finding the most obscure information and keeping us honest with all of our considerations and determinations in regards to the accuracy of the data on the family tree. David has also been instrumental in sourcing additional family tree lines which were previously unknown. We'd be lost without his knowledge, expertise and steady guidance.

Patrick Brockman - Patrick lives in the UK and is a member of one of our long lost family lines, the Whitfield Line, so we are pleased to have his expertise and knowledge as well. Patrick and David Dixon sourced the newly discovered line which includes: John (1390) - William - John and his sons Thomas and William. Prior to the work undertaken by David and Patrick, the Senior Branch of the family tree carried on through the William line, however, little was known of the Thomas line. This has now been updated from circa 1500 to the present day, which is an amazing contribution to the family so well done and thanks to Patrick and David.

Giles Drake-Brockman - Giles is our quiet achiever. Giles provides valuable assistance by sourcing priceless information from the British Library and other places. We know this costs him a good deal of money at times but we never hear about this so we really appreciate all his work and his valuable contribution. Giles has provided some real insight into the imprisonment and knighthood of Sir William Brockman so view his work on the dedicated Sir William Brockman page on this site.

Paul Brockman - Paul is an American family genealogist who is working hard updating and verifying his American Brockman family tree following on from the previous work produced by William Everett Brockman (WEB).  WEB's work contained numerous errors and in particular, the claim that American Brockmans were connected to the UK Beachborough Brockman family line. Paul and all of us above are sure there is no such connection to our branch of Brockmans. The great thing about Paul is his diligence and attention to detail.  We all appreciate this very much.

Australian & English Family - We want to thank all those family members who continue to make contact including descendants of families who emigrated to Canada and New Zealand.  Please keep providing updates and further information when it comes to hand. Without your ongoing assistance, we would not have the information we do today, so thank you very much to you all.
"Esse Quam Videri" - To be rather than to seem to be
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