Plaques and Headstones at St Martin's Church, Cheriton

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Memorial Plaque - Group Memorial Plaque - Brig.Gen. David Henry Drake-Brockman C.M.G. Memorial Plaque - Capt. John Brockman (1787-1884) Headstone - Capt. Lewis Arthur Drake-Brockman (1888-1919) Memorial Plaque - Capt. Lewis Arthur Drake-Brockman in Church
Headstone of Lt. Charles Henry Drake-Brockman (1845-1904) Cheriton Rectory painting in Folkestone Library St Mary's Church Restoration Dedication Plaque Memorial Plaque Dedicated to Hariet Drake Brockman and her husband Rev. Julius Drake Brockman Memorial Plaque - Du Boulay Children
Memorial Plaque Dedicated to Marie Knatchbull-Hugessen Memorial Plaque Dedicated to Mary Brockman (1715-1780) Memorial Plaque Dedicated to Lt. Paris Villiers Drake-Brockman (1899-1918) Memorial Plaque - Family Group Memorial Plaque - Ralph Thomas Drake-Brockman Family Group
Memorial Plaque - Lt. Ralph Zouch Drake-Brockman M.C. Memorial Window - Fraser Family St Martins Church, Cheriton - front view St Martins Church, Cheriton - side view Plaques in St Martins, Cheriton